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But many of the jobs that our agents perform do not even require speaking to your customers by telephone. Non-voice customer help includes email, text and live chat conversations. We’ll take your customers’ calls, assist them in deciding what they want to buy, and then place their orders, day or night. Or do you want to add some extra help for your in-house staff, without hiring and equipping more people in your present locations? Either way, Confie will help you devise a solution that meets your needs efficiently and economically. Save money, improve efficiency, and free up office space by outsourcing your back office processing needs.

  • Optimize your staff recruitment, hiring, and onboarding process with RPO solutions.
  • That’s why it is so important that you have a skilled person who is handling these things in an organized way.
  • High-speed scanning and conversion using optical character recognition technology.
  • This is possible because outsourcing service providers tend to hire qualified people for specific roles, and then provide extensive in-house training and seminars.

Some business owners prefer to focus their efforts on these tasks because they make the company money. While this is true, it doesn’t mean back office tasks should be ignored. Remember that having a solid team on the back end can SAVE the company more money in the long run. When business owners realize that their strengths lie in the front end tasks, outsourcing the back office tasks is a wise idea. Back-office outsourcing gives access to highly-skilled people equipped to provide quality services while using the most up-to-date technological resources. Offshore personnel know how to utilize the necessary tools needed in the industry they work in. This is possible because outsourcing service providers tend to hire qualified people for specific roles, and then provide extensive in-house training and seminars.

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Back Office Services are all the resources of a company that are actually producing a product or service, and all the other work that isn’t seen by customers, such as logistics or administration. Although the operations of a back office are seldom seen, they are a major reason for a business’ success. They include functions like accounting, planning, IT services, inventory management, supply-chain management, and human resources. Finally, one of the biggest perks of outsourcing back office tasks is that you do not need to spend time managing an additional staff member on your team.

Yes, we have the latest and best-in-industry IT infrastructure, ensuring your work will be done smoothly within the deadline with complete precision. We also have expertise in utilizing all insurance software trending in the industry. We ensure complete operational transparency and promise to keep your confidential information safe and secure at all times.

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Our experienced service teams can manage your customer support needs across email, phone, chat, or social media. back office business Our leadership team has decades of experience growing teams and providing back-office services at scale.

back office outsourcing projects

Outsourcing offers a way out and is suitable for both large companies and SMEs. Every major call center nowadays offers back-office services, making it easy to find qualified employees and save time and money in the process. The best way to overcome the issue of control is to hire a provider who understands that you are in charge and, as the client, your vision is most important. Look for a partner, not just a provider, who will hire talent to your specifications, include you in the process, work in your systems and keep quality as a top priority.

What Are The Benefits Of Business Process Outsourcing Services?

More specifically, these outsourced tasks do NOT involve core operations of a company. Rather, think of these tasks as more general things that all companies do in some capacity. Some examples of back office tasks that can be outsourced include data entry and analyses, payroll processing, invoicing, bookkeeping, and IT support to name a few.

back office outsourcing projects

Our team is focused on new trends for the rapid development of the client’s business. It is needless to say that all professional queries are the subject to be handled in a well manner for the positive impact of organizations. An organization’s back office management greatly influences its success. It is the truth that a large volume of data gets generated on an everyday basis from different sources. Those might be application processing, order fulfillment, transaction processing, billing, and collections that require effective back-office solutions.

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Likewise, they’ll have time to think about how to structure their own teams and improve their department’s workflow and productivity. More and more businesses are back-office outsourcing to the Philippines to boost efficiency and scale up fast. And it makes sense – as your business grows, your local team feels the pressure of their increased workload.

But by outsourcing back office services to another business, you can take back those resources and time to focus on other projects and duties that boost your business’s bottom line. With outsourcing, back-office operations can be both Kanban (development) time and cost-efficient. Outsourcing companies provide the facilities, equipment , and the hiring process (i.e., training). That being said, businesses can save valuable resources as opposed to having an internal back-office.

Call Center Emergency Backup Protect your business from customer service outages. In fact, it’s quite common for many of their foreign workforces to work during their nights to accommodate American businesses. When you factor in the large time differences and varying work holidays that come with outsourcing offshore, you could be looking at some frustrating business interruptions. If you want offshore but you are worried about cultural and linguistic barriers, choose a partner with extensive experience working globally. The fear here is that a careless outsourcing partner can be the cause of leaked information that can harm your company. At first, administrative work may not seem like a lot to handle, but as the company scales up, it can become one of the biggest challenges that companies face. In this step, we stick to the defined work standard to deliver the quality service to your customer.

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Instead of having to learn new software and tech that you are unfamiliar with, an outside company will already have a firm handle on how to use them. In the end, this is a huge advantage for many business owners because it avoids spending lots of time researching and learning how to use new technology. We have experience of 11+ years in the business process outsourcing field and have successfully satisfied thousands of clients across the world.

PAC scrutinises failure of large government IT modernisation projects –

PAC scrutinises failure of large government IT modernisation projects.

Posted: Fri, 10 Dec 2021 09:24:53 GMT [source]

To know more about our service, feel free to get in touch with us at the earliest and find out how can we help your business to reach the new zenith of success. But more and more businesses of all kinds and sizes are turning to offshore Back Office Support Services. This means that all or some of their back office operations have been outsourced. There are many options when choosing Back Office Outsourcing Services.

We profile agents by personality as well as skills to find exactly the right people f … The rapid rate of globalization has compelled businesses to hire outsourcing services.

When you hire us & invest your scarce monetary resources, you can be sure of having nothing less than the best service from our side. We are not done until you are satisfied with the quality of the final product. The team of quality assurance that we have in our disposition will work closely to make sure 100 per cent data accuracy. Rely Services has in its disposition extensive data mining services having the capability of rendering added value to organizational operations from a diverse range of industries. Rely Services uses state-of-the-art technology for the automation of the data entry process. Their work was of the highest professional quality with excellent communication throughout the process. Most of our agents have lived in the United States and have a neutral accent.

We typically charge either a flat monthly fee or an hourly fee, depending on what works for the client. We have low minimums and charge no set-up fee unless you need us to build your technology systems from scratch. Move quickly by outsourcing phone and Internet-based research tasks for your business units, such as contact list generation. Overall, your outsourcing partner should understand your primary goals, efficiently achieve them, and revisit them regularly.

We have established a strong data security criterion in order to safeguard all the secret information. Our competent and highly skilled staffs have the full potential to manage your Back office function.

back office outsourcing projects

We usually hire employees for specific requirements, but we also have employees that are trained to handle multiple insurance back-office functions efficiently. For us, being excellent in academics is not enough; we examine their skills and ability to solve problems, how they respond in different situations, for which we follow multiple approaches. We are delighted to say that our insurance experts are qualified, certified, and highly experienced. We believe that it is vital for each project to be completed both on time and on budget. So, for every project we produce, you receive an estimated budget detailing all projected costs.

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