We align minds and interests of society, industry and academia to together accelerate and promote the Mexican technological and social development. We are a group of companies and individuals in a common and diversified front to promote assertive pragmatism regarding the creation of technological companies.


DNA Manufacturing
Artificial. Only In
Latin America.

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Maintaining an international panorama, with startup heart. Born to speed up the practice of DNA-based diagnostics. For more than 5 years, T4Oligo has been at the forefront of the development of oligos. These pioneers in professional synthesis and design of trials by PRC, operate the only artificial DNA manufacturing plant in Latin America certified for the manufacture of DNA diagnostic oligos. Currently exporting to Latin America and the southeast of Asia.

Since 1993


Genetic Analysis

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It´s mission is to extend the scop of biotecnology by taking the power of DNA analysis beyound the laboratory. Through the research, development and manufacture of tools for genetic diagnosis. Gene2life commercializes low cost and easy to use equipment, with a grade of confindence equal or greater than 10 times more expensive equipment.


Connecting Technology

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T4NanoDX is your company allied for research and scientific and technological development. We not only provide excellent solutions, we also accompany and advise you throughout the process. At T4NanoDX we generate links between society, academia and industry, addressing guiding themes such as molecular diagnostics, quality management systems, implementation of technology 4.0, intellectual property and elements that fuse art and science to connect the highest technology with the requirements and needs of our users.


Studying The Paper
Of The Microbiota In
Digestive Processes.

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At the service of digestive health through in vitro evaluation of the digestive and metabolic processes of food ingrendients to determinate potencial effects on health. This information is fundamental in the great challenge to meet the growing expectation of the industry, your consumers and food legislation. Our focus is on the role of the microbiota within the digestive process; in the processes performed by the set of microorganisms that inhabit the digestive tract when interacting with food and on which many physiological funtions depend.